Activity Rule
1.Any member who recommends a friend to register and use the Xinhang Consolidation Service for the month can have a chance to reduce shipping costs by up to 33%.

3.Tach friend needs to use the Xinhang shipping service at least once a month to calculate the level (based on the warehouse delivery time), the same friend can only calculate once in the current month.
4.The recommended standard of the standard of the Luan will enjoy the corresponding volume of the next month.

(For example, the cut-off date on January 31: From January 1st to January 31st, 5 friends will use Xinhang Container Logistics. From February 1st, the membership level will be upgraded to a 2-star member, and enjoy the relevant benefits of the 2-star member. If there are no 5 friends using Xinhang Container Logistics on February 28th, the public membership level will be restored.)
5.The membership level is estimated according to the last day of the month. The system counts the recommended members of the month and registers according to the recommendation and uses the total number of Xinhang Logistics Logistics members. The system automatically upgrades the level.
6.The period of activity is from January 15th, 2019 to July 31, 2019.
7.Recommend the new member to reduce the volume and heavy activity. The final interpretation right belongs to Xinhang.

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