1. Force majeure factors (for reasons other than reasonable control by the company), including but not limited to natural disasters, strikes or disturbances, material shortages or rationing, riots, acts of war, government actions, communications or other facilities, or serious casualties Xin Hang does not assume any responsibility for any delay or failure to perform the contract.

2. Because the consignment goods themselves have flaws and defects.

Third, fragile products (including but not limited to mirrors, glass, pottery, porcelain, crystal, glasses, computers, mobile phones, home appliances, air- or sealed explosive bags, etc.) or liquid items, etc., Xin Hang only lost The claim is for compensation; and the loss of the outer box or other goods caused by the leakage of liquid is not within the scope of Xinhang Claims.

4. For goods that may cause deformation or deterioration of the goods due to temperature changes, Xinhang will only make claims for lost parts; and therefore the loss of outer box or other goods caused by the change of the type of goods is not within the scope of Xinhang claims; when the customer receives the goods When the package is intact, the damage to the internals is not within the scope of Xinhang.

5. Loss of goods caused by improper delivery or negligence of overseas express delivery.

6. Due to the customer's violation of Xinhang's service terms and embargo restrictions, such as improper declaration of goods, improper packaging of the delivered goods, incomplete or inappropriate recipient information, and incomplete customer information.

VII. Due to the customer's reasons, the delivery of the goods is unsuccessful, or the responsibility for the second delivery and the related expenses are borne by the customer. After contacting the customer through multiple emails or telephones, if no reply is received, the customer will be deemed to have waived the package automatically, and Xinhang will handle the package by itself.

8. The goods are insulted and returned by the customs due to violation of customs regulations and terms by the customer.

9. Delays caused by customs clearance procedures or other relevant regulations of the competent authority.

X. Delays caused by customers not promptly confirming and paying freight and customs taxes.

11. If the data disappears in the tape, file or other storage medium, the image in the exposure film disappears, or the sound band is eliminated.

12. Delays caused by flight delays, cancellations or grounding.

XIII. Due to customer negligence, if the goods are not stored for more than 90 days and the delivery is not confirmed, Xinhang will dispose of the goods and will not bear any responsibility.

14. For the postal line, it is necessary to compensate the signatory for the matters needing attention: damaged or missing parts should be marked with damage or abnormal sign by EMS signature, and attached photos. The insurance company shall make compensation according to the EMS certificate; if there is no EMS signature or no abnormality, no compensation will be made. Insured claims:
1. The customer can voluntarily choose whether to purchase the transportation insured service. The insurance amount is 3% of the value of the goods. The claim amount refers to the declared amount, and the maximum compensation amount is RMB 3000. The full amount of full insurance is not purchased, and the claim is based on the declared amount, and the maximum compensation is RMB 1000.
2. Description of damage claims:
1) Choose to strengthen the service, and purchase the full amount of full insurance at the same time, the claim is based on the declared amount, the maximum amount is RMB 3000.
2) There is a choice of reinforcement service, but the full amount of full insurance is not purchased, and the claim is based on the declared amount, up to RMB 1000.
* After the product is damaged, it will be completely unusable. The compensation amount will be compensated with reference to the purchase value of the damaged product; the general product damage will not affect the use of the product value.
3. The following products do not accept the insured price:
· Artwork: Any work that uses technology, taste, or creativity to create or develop, sell, display, or collect, including but not limited to, paintings, drawings, vases, embroidery, limited-edition prints, art works, portraits , sculptures, collections of appreciation, photography negatives, photographic offsets, photographic slides and other easily damaged goods or products whose market prices are particularly easy to change or difficult to determine value (and parts of goods).
· Antiques: Includes any item that shows ancient style, its historicity, age or rarity, including but not limited to furniture, tableware, glassware, and collections such as coins, stamps, sports cards, gifts, and souvenirs. Product.
· Fragile products: including but not limited to signs, mirrors, pottery, magnets, porcelain, crystal, glass, home appliances, framed glass and other fragile items.
· Jewelry: including but not limited to: watches and their parts, cut and uncut precious and inferior jewellery or precious stones, synthetic diamonds and costume jewelry.
· Precious metals.
· Fur products: fur clothing, fur clothing and leather jackets.
· Electrical appliances weighing more than 10KG: including but not limited to washing machines, refrigerators, stereos, televisions, ovens, etc.
· Embargoed items listed.
Claims program:
1. Standard line parcel: When signing, be sure to check the goods face to face with the courier. If you find that the goods are short and damaged, please contact the courier to open the goods list and damage certificate, contact customer service claims within 24 hours (overdue will not be accepted); Bao special line package: When signing, be sure to check the goods face to face with the courier. If you find that the goods are short and damaged, you need “EMS signature to indicate that there is damage or abnormal sign”, and attach photos. The insurance company shall make compensation according to the EMS certificate; if there is no “EMS signature or no abnormality”, no compensation will be made. All claims related documents and photos must be collected within 3 days after receipt of the goods, and send an email to Xinhang after-sales mailbox: YHEX88@126.COM. After acceptance, Xinhang will review and report the email after receiving the email, and will give you an answer and claim payment. The entire claim period is 30 working days. For the invoice that purchases insurance, if the entire package is lost, the amount of the insured price is paid, but the insured price is based on the actual shopping price, and the customer needs to provide the shopping credentials when processing the payment. If the parcel is missing, the customer will need to provide other relevant proofs to verify the processing (including but not limited to the weight of the inbound and outbound, the shopping credentials, the weight of the parcel when the goods are not unpacked, and the corresponding bill of lading details and defect photos). [If the provision of insufficient documents will not accept the payment].
2. If any package that has not been insured is lost, damaged, or missing, it must provide relevant items**, transfer company certificate and other relevant certificates (including but not limited to the weight of the goods entering and leaving the warehouse, the receipt of the package Weight and the corresponding waybill details and defect photos of the goods when unpacked. After verification, the maximum compensation amount is 600 yuan.
3. The circumstances listed in the Xinhang Disclaimer are not covered by the claims.
4. Once the parcel has been signed by the recipient or agent, it indicates that the parcel delivery process is over. After the goods were damaged and the shortage occurred, it was not related to the courier service.
5. The above terms are independent clauses. If for some reason, some of them cannot be effective, they will not affect the validity of other clauses.
6. According to laws and regulations, unfinished matters may be agreed upon by the parties. In the case of inconsistent negotiations, the parties may file a lawsuit in the court of Xinhang.
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