Lost orders Handling
How to lost cases

1.The coverages is from our Douggang BBGO Warehouse to the customer’s address.

2.The lost from the seller to our Doggang BBGO Warehouse is not included.

3.If you found any lost of items, please contact our customer services representatives by WhatsApp or Taobao within 72 hours.
4.If you are exceeding the time for the claim, we will not accept your claim.
5.If the claim information is enough, we will proceed your clam and make the compensation for a maximum of RMB100 or the actual amount whatever the amount is lowest.
6.Please consider buying the insurance at your own costs if our compensation cannot fulfil your demand.
7.We reserve the rights to make the final decision for each claim.
How to make the claim and what is the process
1.Please keep the original packaging and take a photo in every angle. The tiny item may be hidden.
2.If you suspect that the package is open before or damaged, please put in a remarks on the sign up label.
3.If it is fake goods or restricted goods, the customs may take the goods and we reserve our legal rights to claim the lost.
4.Please provide sufficient information to proceed the claim.:
(1) The tracking no.of the lost item.
(2)Packaging photos (please follow the instruction above)
(3)Payment receipt (screenshot the tracking no. and payment amount)
5.When the case is accepted, we will make the compensation within 5 working days.
6.We will refund the money into your account balance or your Alipay.
* We reserve the rights to make the final decision without negotiation.

Protection Methods
1.Good outer packaging: Please ensure that all the items are properly packaged in a carton with enough protection. For fragile & bulky items, we suggest to use a corrugate box and then further protected by a wooden frame. The outer carton box shall provide enough supports and protection.

2.Good inner packaging: Please ensure that there are some anti-vibration materials/padding materials for projection. Each fragile item must be packaged separately with shock-proof materials such as foam or bubble paper.

3.The inner and outer packaging must be provided with sufficient & durable supports. It must be strong and thick enough to protect the goods.

4.Warning Label: Please ensure that there is a warning labels such as “fragile items to be handled with care”, “fragile items” and “handle with care” in Chinese written in the outer in the eyes of the outer packaging. In the case of a shipment that is easily damaged by bending, a warning label "Do not bend" should be added to prevent damage.

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