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Goods Registration System in Warehouse

The minimum weight per item is 0.1kg. If it is less than 0.1kg, it will still count as 0.1kg. The volumetric weight is measured by the dimension.


If the parcel is less than 1kg after consolidation, it counts as 1kg.

If the parcel weight is less than 1kg after consolidation, it counts as 1kg.


Volumetric Weight Formula:

LengthXWidthXHeight÷6000(Unit cm)=KG

One Star Member: LengthxWidthxHeight(cm)÷6000

Two Stars Member: LengthxWidthxHeight(cm)

Three Stars Member: LengthxWidthxHeight(cm)
Four Stars Member:LengthxWidthxHeight(cm)

Remarks:If the total lengths of 3 sides is not more than 90cm, it will only count actual weights, not volumetric weight.
Comparing between the actual weight and volumetric weights to take the large figure for fee calculation.
1, Dimension 30×50×60÷6000=15kg,
Goods Actual Weight 10kg,the system will take the volume weight of 15k for fee calculation.
2, Dimension 30×50×60÷6000=15kg,
Goods Actual Weight 20kg,the system will take 20kg for the fee calculation.
Freight Computer
Not consider tiny or bulky goods, standardized rate for all deliveries Standardized Rates for all the goods (including Tabao factory goods)
Group News

Dimension Measurement

1, First check the actual size of the store owner, and then ask how much direct shipping to Hong Kong, because the owner has already had a profit, may have a little discount on the freight.
The seller is a little fine, a lot of boxes are large, but there is only a small thing inside, it is a waste of shipping costs.
2, We suggest asking the seller to wrap it small. It is often that the box is to large, while the goods is very actually small. It wastes the courier fee.
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