China-Global Express
China-Global Express

BBGO agent DHL parcel delivery EMS international parcel delivery (EMS post parcel), TNT
international parcel delivery, UPS international parcel delivery fedex international express
and international air transport company established a good partnership.

In addition, it has opened a special express line from the mainland to Southeast Asia and
some countries in the Middle East. International air transport is one of the core businesses
and has established close partnerships with many domestic and foreign airlines. With
professional services, we have won more and more customers' trust and support. We have
won long-term support from many airlines with honest operation. We have been rated as
the best sales agent by Lufthansa, China Southern Airlines, China Airlines, Evergreen, Qatar
and other airlines. The business covers the major air transportation around the world. So
far, nearly 30 airlines have signed sales agency agreements and board agreements with
Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Service projects include air cargo import and export and air cargo booking, customs
clearance, sub-labeling, ground handover, delivery, delivery, door-to-door services, etc.
In addition to the carriage of ordinary goods, the scope of transportation of goods also
includes large cargo transportation, special cargo Transportation, project logistics
services, etc.

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