BBGO mainly provides container transportation and related services (hereinafter referred to as the company); users must agree to and abide by the following rules and conditions when using the company's services. The company is not responsible for the delay, loss, destruction or confiscation of the goods caused by force majeure, such as War, riots, bad weather, flight delays, crashes, typhoons, fires, floods, major traffic accidents and serious natural or man-made disasters and circumstances beyond the control of the company or forfeiture due to the shipper or your reasons Take any responsibility.

The company does not assume any liability for indirect or other non-subjective losses caused by delays or loss of goods.
· If the item is damaged or lost during the express delivery, all the compensation will be compensated according to the compensation standard of the courier company.
· If the goods are delayed due to customs clearance or weather or confiscated by the customs, the company will not refund the freight and will not bear the related losses.
· If the goods are not delivered, the delivery fee incurred by Xinhang International Warehouse will be borne by the customer.

The company is not responsible for the delay in the delivery of the goods due to the following reasons, shipping errors and losses:
(1) Due to the customer's reasons, such as incorrect address filling, incomplete, and incorrect phone number; the address where the recipient's address is changed or cannot be delivered.
(2) The items you have entrusted are in violation of the relevant national policies and laws, such as flammable, explosive, polluting, corrosive, toxic, various types of powders, liquids and other dangerous goods.
(3) All losses caused by the shipper or your undeclared and improperly packaged. Since the company only collects the goods and combines them, it is because of the goods.
The packaging itself is not proper, there is no requirement for safe transportation of the articles, or the articles of special substances (such as important articles, easily damaged articles, etc.) are marked to the company, and the damage and the responsibility arising therefrom are borne by you.

In order to protect the rights and interests of customers, in addition to the inspection by the government department and the courier company, or the regular random sample survey of the company, when the company signs the goods for the customer, it will not open the package for the member to check the quantity of the goods. or quality inspection. The company does not assume any liability for the damage caused by the quantity of the articles, the nature of the articles and their characteristics.

The customer is obliged to have good communication with the seller to ensure that the goods carried by the goods are provided with sufficient durability, toughness and sufficient thickness of the inner and outer packaging or containers to avoid damage or improper packaging due to improper packaging during transportation. The shipment is lost; the box or outer packaging with sufficient and suitable protective materials should be integrated with the protective material, cushioning material and contents of the goods; if there are multiple contents, the contents and the inner wall of the outer packaging There should be no sound between friction, collision, squeezing or shaking. If it is found that the shipment is damaged during the transportation due to poor packaging, the company will not make any compensation.

If the consignment is a fragile item such as ceramics, glass products, special handicrafts or goods that are easily bent, the customer is obliged to ensure the following:
(1) Good outer packaging: ensure that the shipping items are properly packaged in a packaging container of sufficient durability and strength to protect it from damage during transport, such as the use of tougher boxes and their outer boxes and wooden frames. Nail to ensure that the outer box can withstand a certain amount of pressure.
(2) Good inner packaging: ensure that the inner part of the package is equipped with anti-vibration material padding, and each fragile item must be packaged separately with shock-proof materials such as foam or bubble paper.
(3) The inner and outer packaging must be provided with sufficient durability, strong toughness and sufficient thickness to protect the material.
(4) Warning Label: Make sure that warning labels such as “fragile items to be handled with care”, “fragile items” and “handle with care” are marked in Chinese in the eyes of the outer packaging. In the case of goods that are easily damaged by bending, a warning label "Do not bend" should be given, stating: Fragile goods are not accepted for compensation.

The company will not make any compensation if the shipment is damaged or the shipment is lost due to any of the above packaging failures.
The collection of personal data of customers is only for the delivery, liaison and promotion of the company, and the relevant information will never be submitted to third parties or institutions.

The company has the right to waive or refuse to accept shipments that are not suitable for express delivery, intentionally or unintentionally concealing the real name and value of the articles, and articles that are prohibited by national laws from being carried, mailed or transported. In case of violation, you are willing to bear all legal and financial liability arising therefrom.

By paying the shipping fee, you accept and abide by the terms of this contract and ensure that the items entrusted to be shipped comply with national laws and acceptable to the courier company. The company refuses to ship the following items:
· Flammable, perishable or toxic, explosive, lethal, corrosive and radioactive dangerous goods;
· Drugs, infectious or damaging public health items, drugs or drugs related to drugs;
· Books, photographs, sculptures or utensils that impair weathering;
· Infringement of trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property rights;
· Currency, VAT invoices, other tax or securities, gold and silver treasures, antiques, precious metals (gold, silver, rare precious metals);
· live animals, plants or seeds;
· Personal documents, contracts, approvals, batch locks or letters of a communication nature;
· Reactionary political publications, books, videos or photographs;
· electronics;
· All powder powders, liquids, pastes and compact discs;
· Non-genuine/imitation or items of incorrect origin;
· Items that are not properly packaged, fragile, may endanger personal safety, contaminate or damage other mail equipment;
· Goods of foreign trade surplus;
· Suspected that the brand is not genuine. If the description is genuine, but the price is unreasonably low;
· Embargoed items subject to import control by Hong Kong Customs, such as food or Chinese herbal medicines;
· Goods that do not comply with the Hong Kong Law, the Consumer Protection Law of the People's Republic of China and other administrative regulations, departmental regulations and national compulsory standards;

The company has the right to waive or refuse to accept shipments that are not suitable for express delivery, intentionally or unintentionally concealing the real name and value of the articles, and articles that are prohibited by national laws from being carried, mailed or transported. In case of violation, you are willing to bear all legal and financial liability arising therefrom.

The company has the right to pursue all legal and financial compensation for any pollution or damage caused by the spillage, oozing, or leakage of any liquid or solid in your cargo, or due to improper packaging of the goods or the cargo itself. responsibility.

The company has the right to know the nature, name, quantity and weight of the goods being carried in order to assist the relevant government departments and express delivery companies to inspect the goods. The goods shipped by the company will be randomly sampled by the courier company. If the items are found to be inconsistent with the "Contract Terms", the company has the right to refuse the shipment. Retain the goods carried and retain the right to claim against you and shall not be liable for any loss arising therefrom.

The goods are stored in the free warehouse in China for 180 days. Over 180 days, the warehouse is rented, and each item is accumulated for 0.5 yuan per day. The goods are stored and stored for more than 12 months according to the Chinese Express Law, without notice to the members.

If the courier company has not been able to contact the customer after the arrival of the goods, the goods may be returned or stored in the logistics warehouse, and the freight generated by the courier shall be borne by the customer.

(If you use our services,you agree to the above terms by default)
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